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Lord Jameson Pill Hiders, Cookie Dough recipe

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A tasty, healthy way to administer your dog's medications! Our recipes are specifically developed to be super delicious and mask the taste of bitter medications. Each bag of treats contains a 30 day supply... PLUS six extra treats so you can introduce them to your dog without medication inside, which allows your dog to get hooked on the tasty treat alone. When it's time for a "loaded" treat, your dog will eagerly gobble it up, not expecting a pill inside, medication and all!
These pill hiders are dog allergy friendly and contain no ingredients that negatively contribute to most conditions. They never include animal proteins, preservatives, glutens, artificial flavors or preservatives.
They're easy to administer. Insert a pill or capsule, pinch it closed, and feed! Each recipe has real bits of whole oats, peanuts, apples and blueberries into a soft dough... this mix of textures confuses the dog's palate, making it harder for them to detect the pill and reduces the chance of them spitting it out!

I LOVE this store! Not only do they carry the highest quality pet foods and pet care products, but they are so knowledgeable about pet health and offer sound, experienced advice. They are a trusted part of my pet care team. These days it’s more important than ever to shop local, so leave the big box stores for someone else and keep our local community thriving.