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Available by appointment only Monday - Saturday. Appointments are made by calling the store at 434/825-5472. We are not able to book or change appointments by email
or text message. Note: we book more than three months in advance. It's best to rebook several appointments following your appt.

If you cannot get an appointment immediately, please consider using our self service dog wash and walk-in services like nail grinding, teeth brushing, glands check, face or sanitary trim.

Our groomers are skilled in the most popular breeds of family pets. We also offer hand-stripping for terrier breeds, which is a highly skilled craft. 

Our grooming is a premium service, not a production line like other stores. All our groomers are required to have a minimum of five years of professional expertise before they are invited to join our team. They attend trade shows and educational seminars to learn new techniques and research potential new products. They are skilled in techniques that help pets who have had previous bad experiences become more comfortable with grooming. 

At times, we may suggest adjusting your pet’s diet to alleviate dry skin, yucky ears, itching, allergic reactions, anal gland issues, tear stain under the eyes and tartar covered teeth. Surprisingly, what your pets eat makes a difference in how they look and smell!


The Dog Wash is available for use: Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 - 4:00 and Saturday 9:00 - 3:00. *The last self service bath of the day must be completed one hour before store closing so we can sanitize the tubs for the next day. Walk In Services are only available Monday - Saturday between 9:00 - 12:00 noon.

Self-Service Dog Grooming StationSelf Serve Washes are $20 - $30 based on the weight and size of your dog and length of coat. It includes all natural shampoos, big thirsty bath towel, dryer, ear cleaner, brushes and combs. If you are bringing more than one dog for self wash, please bring a friend with you, as your dog cannot be loose in the wash area. Because of liability, children under age 12 may not be in the wash area. 

Walk In Services are based on groomer availability between 9:00 - 12:00. During busy times like shedding season, Saturdays, and the week before Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's best to call ahead to confirm availability. 
Walk In Services include: Nail Trim & Grind ($27.50), Face Trim ($25), Sanitary Trim ($25), Paw Hair Trim ($30), Anal Glands ($20), Teeth Brushing ($25), Ear Cleaning or Plucking ($25). Because of scheduling limitations, one walk in service may be selected per visit.

Note: We're sorry if your dog has encountered a skunk, but due to our ventilation, we cannot allow skunked pets. We can provide you with odor neutralizers to use at home.


Available daily and provides the most up to date product knowledge so you can make better choices for your family’s pets through each period of their lives. A healthy diet can resolve many common problems like allergies, weight management and skin and coat issues. We consider life stage, size, breed, activity levels, physical health, plus your family’s lifestyle, schedule and budget when we recommend a food program. We’ll guide you through labels, ingredients and available types of food and help you find the right fit for your family pet. Our retail and grooming team receives nutrition education as part of their training so they can be ready to answer your questions.


If your dog needs behavior assistance, call us for trainer recommendations. We only refer professionals with whom we have personal relationships and can vouch for the quality of their services.


We do the most fun birthdays for pets! Beautifully decorated cookies, various sizes of birthday cakes, doggy ice cream, party hats and everything you need to give your dog the best birthday party ever. We also do fun things like “muttinis, “dog nachos and frozen treats by request. Party favor bags are available with one week's advance notice. 

Our patio in front of the store is available by reservation so you can celebrate with your human friends too. We’ll provide the doggy treats and humans can order food from our neighboring restaurants, Lampo or Brazos.


Say “I do” with your dog as part of the wedding party! We provide collars, bandanas and bow ties that coordinate with the bride and groom’s attire. We bake small cakes that the dog can enjoy while the newlyweds cut their own cake. We can also arrange for a “dog handler” to take care of your pet before, during and after the wedding. And training, so your dog will be the best behaved party guest. 

Gender Reveal Parties

Get your dog in on the family fun and let them make the announcement about your baby! We’ll make a cake with blue or pink (or both) sprinkles inside and the dog will reveal the baby’s gender to the delight of your family and friends.


We host Adoption Events for large and small rescue groups on our store’s front patio and at times, in the store. We have supported and donated our time, resources and pet food products to regional groups, including Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, Caring For Creatures, Green Dogs Unleashed, Dogs Deserve Better Blue Ridge, Smiles Forever Pet Rescue and The HOWS Project (Houses of Wood and Straw). If you are interested in finding out about adoptable pets, please contact these groups directly.