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GOLi Design "Tenggo Squid" Cat Toy


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The GOLi Design "Tenggo Squid" Cat Toy is made with colorful cotton mixed fabric and fabulous fleecy tentacles, and is infused with USA organic catnip oil. It's an amazing catch that your cat or kitten will love for batting, pouncing and biting fun!

GOLi Design makes innovative pet products your cat will love through environmentally responsible and thoughtful Fair Trade practices. By purchasing GOLi products, you are giving a helping hand - or paw - to women and families working for a brighter future in developing countries, by providing them with an important source of sustaining income!


  • Crafted with colorful, durable and non-toxic cotton fabric and long fleece tentacles for extra fun factor.

  • Infused with potent, long lasting catnip scent that is irresistible to your cat.

  • Contains bells that make a rattle sound for extra fun.

  • Measures 12 Inches by 2 Inches in size.

Single Toy. Assorted Colors.

Designed in Portland, Oregon. Hand made in Thailand.

Animal Connection moving to IX has become one of the highlights of 2020 for us! We often take a walk down to treat our pup, get his nails trimmed, or use the dog wash. It has even been a great space to bring our shy foster dogs to get them out of their shells a bit, and to meet potential adoptive families! When we walk by and the shop is closed, our dog still excitedly rushes to the door hoping to get in. Great shop!