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Brilliant Salmon Oil

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This is the best salmon oil we've found to keep your pet's skin, coat and paws in top condition. It's great to help protect your pets from seasonal allergies. Customers who have used it said it helped to reduce shedding, itchy skin and joint and hip inflammation and pain.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is the only salmon oil on the market made by a single ingredient. It's production is sustainable and fully traceable, and to match its transparent production, it's packaged in a UV-protected, transparent bottle. We're super impressed with the quality of this product and the care the company puts into its production.


Non GMO, 100% pure , human grade Norwegian salmon oil
Natural color from natural antioxidants
Easy to use, freshly delivered in small batches for better taste


If your pet is new to fish oil supplements, start with a smaller dose than recommended for their weight and increase as your pet gets used to the product.  Suggested daily dose is one pump per 4.5 lb body weight. Store at room temperature, no refrigeration necessary.

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