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Vital Essentials Beef Liver Freeze-Dried Grain Free Treats

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These beef liver dog treats will delight your dog so much, you won’t be able to resist giving your best pal just one more! Liver is an extremely nutrient-rich organ, naturally containing anywhere from 10 to 100 times the nutrients found in a similar serving of muscle meat. Beef liver is especially rich in Vitamin A, copper and iron — making these healthy dog treats a boost of nutrition in every bite. Vital Essentials natural dog treats contain NO dyes, fillers or rendered by-products and NO grains or gluten. Our freeze-dried beef liver dog treats are made with literally one ingredient and sourced, made and packaged in the USA.


  • Beef liver is naturally high levels of nutrients
  • Healthy dog treats are delicious protein-rich snacks dogs go wild for, and are nutritious too!
  • Nothing but beef liver: No artificial flavorings, fillers, dyes or rendered by-products in these limited ingredient, grain free dog treats.
  • Perfect high-value training reward to keep your dog focused and motivated.
  • Freeze-dried dog treats are dry and lightweight in a convenient, resealable pouch, perfect for traveling.


100% Beef Liver

Animal Connection moving to IX has become one of the highlights of 2020 for us! We often take a walk down to treat our pup, get his nails trimmed, or use the dog wash. It has even been a great space to bring our shy foster dogs to get them out of their shells a bit, and to meet potential adoptive families! When we walk by and the shop is closed, our dog still excitedly rushes to the door hoping to get in. Great shop!