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Canophera Coffee Wood Tough Chew Sticks


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Canophera chew sticks are made from the best materials mother nature has to offer. Coffee wood is an ideal resource - it is a lot harder than other wood, which is why our sticks are particularly resilient and less likely to splinter. And best of all, our wood is sustainably sourced - it's a byproduct of coffee production - no tree is uprooted or cut down - allowing us to ensure that the environment is looked after. These are a great teeth cleaning stick for all sizes of dogs!

PLEASE NOTE: Once the stick is small enough to fit the entire chew in their mouth and potentially swallow whole, replace it with a new one. The amount of time it takes to reach this point will depend on the strength and vigor of your dog’s chewing.


  • Long lasting, extra tough chew
  • A perfect way to relieve stress
  • Strengthens teeth and keeps them clean
  • Vegan - No calories, no artificial ingredients

I recently adopted a dog and want to give her the healthiest food, the safest fun toys, and best natural heath products. It's great to walk in a store and know that everything in the store fits that criteria, and I have less research to do. Very friendly and answered all my questions. Great advice, my dog loved the toy and chews I bought. I even called the next day to ask a question about one of the items I bought and received a very friendly and helpful answer. I will continue to shop there!