Although we have many kinds of dog walking gear… we go back to what the noted trainer Wendy Volhard teaches… you “lead” your dog with a lead, your dog leads you with a “leash” — a leash just connects him to you but he is in control. Many people choose harnesses and extending leads because it does involve training and they are relying on apparatus to bypass the job of our becoming the leader of our pack. If you are using an extending lead and your dog bolts, there is no way you can bring him back to you quickly without burning your hands on the belt. Worse yet, if he pulls the handle out of your hands then you have a dog galloping out of control, possibly scared by the bouncing leash behind him. We suggest that to teach your dog early on, whether a puppy or an older adopted dog, to walk quietly and in control, preferably on a loose rein, using a European lead (lead and collar all in one). You can easily correct a puller before he sets into pull-mode and reward him by no pressure and a loose lead when he happily walks with you. For info on how to do this method, give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you become a more effective pack leader!