When Does Your Pet Need A Winter Coat?

Not all dogs need a coat and your dog should not wear a coat all the time. Short hair breeds, senior dogs, puppies and dogs with medical conditions need the extra warmth. Long haired dogs are “designed” so air can get under the coat to create a layer of warmth but they do appreciate at least a waterproof jacket to keep them dry. We have seen that some older cats even appreciate a very lightweight fleece sweater.

Unless your house is very cold, dogs don’t need to wear apparel inside. For mid to long haired breeds, wearing a coat inside can mat the hair under their forearms, neck and chest.

Make sure you get a proper fitting coat. If you are shopping without your dog, make sure you measure the length of the back, around the neck and around the girth. Adjustable parts like straps and velcro fasteners make it easy to get on a wiggly dog that wants to get outside.

Pattie Boden and our team at Animal Connection will be happy to help you find a coat that best fits your dog!