From our ace groomer, Reba… KEEP EARS CLEAN –  Get rid of bacteria from lakes and streams with our essential oil ear cleaners. DON’T SHAVE DOUBLE COATED BREEDS – the coat keeps them cool and protects them from intense sunlight, we’ll de-shed or thin their coat for you instead. TAKE CARE OF FEET – Keep nails short so they walk on their pads and don’t break their nails. We do nail care on a walk-in basis. Pads need moisturizing during hot weather so come see us for paw products. BRUSH THAT COAT -Brush, de-shed and comb out at least 2-3 times a week so they don’t mat. If they get wet, brush them out right away so they don’t tangle. COME SEE US FOR GROOMING – We offer in-store and mobile service but we fill up quickly so don’t wait to make your appointment for your dog or cat!