FULL SERVICE GROOMING iINCLUDES: bath with all-natural products, hand drying, ear cleaning, nail trim and shape, teeth brushing, clipping or breed-specific hand scissoring. For terrier breeds, we offer hand stripping. To maintain a low stress environment for all our clients, please be prompt for your drop-off and pick-up time. We handle many pets who may not be good in the company of other dogs and don’t want to have your dog in a crate when the next dog is coming in, so please be respectful of this practice and plan accordingly. Please don’t ask for day care, we’re just not set up for that service at this time.

WASH & GO EXPRESS SERVICE INCLUDES: bath with all-natural products, towel dry only. The service takes about 15 min., while you wait. We are not able to offer trimming or clipping with the service. Nail trim/grind is available at an additional cost. We cannot accommodate drop off-pick up for wash and go. It’s OK to run a quick errand or get a coffee but we can’t offer extended care.

Because we provide premium service, a 24 hour notice for cancellation is a must, and a 48 hour notice November 20 – December 31. Clients who “no-show, no-call” may be asked to pay for the appointment they missed (and/or advance payment for subsequent appointments if this is a continuing issue) before we can reschedule your next appointment.

If you are 15 min. late to your appointment, we may have to reschedule your dog for another time, as we do not do express service.  It’s not fair to the groomer to ask her to rush… or to the customer following your appointment who is also promised individual service, so please be respectful of our drop off time.

We normally book at least four weeks in advance and at least six weeks in advance during “shedding season.” If you would like an appointment for Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday season, eight weeks in advance is recommended. Priority is given to regular customers who are on a six to eight week rotation. If you have your dog groomed once or twice a year (with the exception of hand stripping clients), we may not be able to accommodate your request. If you are interested in regular service and would like to be placed on a wait list, please let us know and we’ll call you just as soon as we have an opening.

When you book your appointment, we’ll give you an estimate within a price range—the actual price will be confirmed when we evaluate your pet’s coat condition. There is an extra charge for excessive matting, elderly dogs who need extra assistance, unruly behavior that requires a grooming assistant and if we need to eliminate fleas and ticks. Due to the small space and ventilation in our store, we are not able to do skunk odor removal.

Before your appointment time, make sure your dog has had a walk and taken care of “business.” There will be an extra charge if we have to do a second bath if your pet eliminates on the grooming table.

Please notify us in advance if your dog has had recent veterinary care that involves stitches or a previous injury so we can take extra care in those areas. Because of liability issues, we cannot accept dogs who must be sedated for grooming services and would prefer you leave that to your veterinary practice’s care. Also, if your senior dog has stability issues, we’d like to know that in advance so we can plan for a few rest breaks during their grooming time. Please understand that there is an extra fee for the time and care it takes for pets with medical and age related issues.

When you arrive at the store, your dog must be on a lead at all times. Please, no retractable leads! Because we are an AKC Certified Safe Grooming Salon, we request a copy of your vaccination and rabies certificate for us to keep on file. These documents must be updated annually while your pets are in our care.

When you meet the groomer, we’ll go over your dog’s coat condition and styling requests and confirm how long it will take for their services so you can pick them up when they’re ready. We allow extra time for puppies so they’ll have a good grooming experience and for older dogs who have stability issues and need extra care and handling.

If you have questions about how to take care of your dog’s coat in between appointments, please let us know and we’ll provide you with the right tools for the job and home care instructions. We also offer a “touch up” 15 min. appointment for regular clients, available only up to three weeks only after a full groom in our shop, provided the coat is clean, tangle-free and manageable. Please ask the grooming manager for pricing and availability.