You can save on dental care by feeding better food! Many dry foods are filled with sugars that cling to teeth and gums so choose instead a good dehydrated  food (Honest Kitchen, SoJos) or frozen raw food (Primal, Bravo, K9Kraving, Stella & Chewy) with high amounts of unprocessed enzymes. If you prefer a kibble, go with high protein choices like Orijen or Acana but remember, crunching on kibble is not a substitute for teeth cleaning. For added protection, try our dental care products — Now 20% OFF through February! Your dogs and cats will love our highly digestible, enzyme filled treats that clean teeth, freshen breath and come in great flavors like bacon, chicken, carrot fish and parsley/mint. We also have water additives, toothbrushes and sprays that are easy to use and very effective.


Snow is finally looming in the forecast… we’ve got Safe Paw ice melt ready and waiting! Muttluks Boots are available by special order so let us know if your dog needs to be fitted. Cracked, dry paws can be an issue with winter weather so be prepared with Musher’s Secret and Blissful Dog Paw Balm. If your dogs and cats are itchy, keep a humidifier going to keep them more hydrated. Also consider changing the food to one with more whitefish and salmon, like Orijen or Acana, Fromm or Annamet or even add some of our Grizzly Salmon or Pollock oil to your raw food. The extra omega 3 and 6 fatty acids can decrease scaly, dry skin, hair loss and just plain dull hair coat.


Launching in January 2016 is Acana’s “Heritage Recipes” featuring fresh regional ingredients grown close to home by farmers, ranchers and fishermen they know and trust. They are brimming with free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs from local farms, freshwater fish from regional waters and heritage meats from Appalachian ranches — all delivered in fresh WholePrey ratios to nourish completely. Prepared in Champion’s new Kentucky DogStar® kitchens from America’s best and freshest ingredients, these unique and Biologically Appropriate foods are a delicious way to keep your pets healthy, happy, and strong. We will have plenty of samples available!


We’re pleased to include the Annamet product line to our lineup of the finest holistic pet foods available in C-ville. This kibble is GMO free, gluten free, human grade and EU certified. The meat products are “low ash” — which means one of the highest inclusions of muscle meat you can get in a kibble type diet. It also includes microalgae, which provides high quality Omega 3 fatty acids, not to mention it’s a totally renewable and sustainable natural resource. These foods have helped many pets with ear, skin and coat issues as well as chronic digestive upsets. We also have their supplements and treats. Please come by for free samples!


If you want the most clever gifts for all the pet lovers on your list, Animal Connection is the place to be! You’ll find clever presents for pet lovers like tough toys made from natural fibers, warm bedding, hand crafted dog coats and knitted sweaters. Dogs and cats will just love our huge assortment of yummy treats like biscuits, training treats, jerky and our signature “woof” big bones are a big hit. We’ve been scouting regional farmer’s markets and have brought in many new brands of local favorites! We also feature bones and chews that come from grass fed, antibiotic free animals. We even grain-free choices for pets with allergies. So whether they’re naughty or nice, come see us and we’ll make your holiday shopping a breeze.


CONGRATULATIONS TO BRIAN CARR – the lucky winner of our $500 gift certificate, which we know his cat Ramses will surely enjoy. Merry Christmas Brian!

RESCUE PET FUND IS GOING STRONG!  If you haven’t donated yet, you still have time before Christmas! We are accepting donations of products or monetary gifts for the pet rescue group of your choice – we are MATCHING each gift so your donation goes a long way.

SPECIAL HOLIDAY HOURS  We’ll be open Christmas Eve for last minute shoppers until 3:00 p.m. We will be closed both Christmas Day and Boxing Day (26th). On New Year’s Eve, we’ll close early around 4:00 p.m. and of course, be closed New Year’s Day. **Please note, if you usually get special frozen food orders, do let us know well in advance because our delivery schedule also changes!


It may be tempting to make a plate of yummy leftovers for your pets. But that treat of a lifetime might be unhealthy or even dangerous for your pet. Turkey meat (no skin) or plain veggies are ok in small amounts, if your pet is already used to eating a variety of foods but don’t overwhelm them with a bunch of new things all at once.  These are definite no-nos: onions, chocolate, grapes, gravy, raisins, foods containing xlitol/sugar substitute, macadamia nuts and anything containing alcohol. If you pet is accustomed to home cooked food, you know what they have done well with in the past. But don’t forget that many holiday recipes have extra calories and ingredients so please be careful. We are well stocked with many turkey, sweet potato or pumpkin treats your pets are sure to love. And healthy chews and toys for great entertainment for when those relatives take over your house. Or they make an unbeatable hostess gift if you are visiting friends with pets!


Just in time for cooler weather, our big shipment of dog wear has arrived! Choose from horse blanket type coats, fleeced coats, water repellant coats, hand knit sweaters and even lighter weights to wear indoors for a little extra warmth. The most fashionable plaids, stripes, patterns and a beautiful array of bright solid colors too. All sizes now in stock. We do custom coats for hard to fit breeds like deep chested sight hounds, stocky bulldog breeds and low to the ground dogs like dachshunds. Bring your dog to get fitted by our style experts! Or if you are not bringing your dog, make sure you know their neck size, back length and girth measurement, so we can get exactly the right fit for your dog.

Stock Up on High Visibility Apparel!

When the days are getting shorter, your dogs should wear reflective vests, leads and collars for their early morning and after work walks. Cats too should have high visibility collars to be seen in the dark. We have reflective wear in stock, including rechargeable LED options. Also, if you are in an rural area where hunting is allowed, please make sure all your pets (as well as horses and people) wear blaze orange gear so they’ll be safe.

Fall is here – are your pets ready?

Here’s some tips to make seasonal transitions easier for your pets! Now’s the time to change up the proteins to warming meats like beef, duck and venison and add veggies like carrots, parsnips, and darker greens. If you’ve turned on the heat in your home, start adding fish oil to the diet to keep their skin supple. Hair is already getting thicker so bring your dog in so we can de-shed the old hair to make room for the new. And as you’re putting your garden to bed for the season, make sure your pets don’t eat the compost. Especially apple cores and pumpkin seeds, which never work out well for their digestion (or your carpet, yuk).