Wednesday, May 17 found Animal Connection and a whole pack of dogs and families at the Keswick Hunt Club for our annual fun dog show. Hundreds of spectators enjoyed watching the dogs and when we passed the hat for donations to the Charlottesville SPCA, it was full of generous contributions. It was hard for the judges to make decisions from so many great entries, but here’s a list of our winners. Beginner’s Agility – Luna, Jordan Atwell Purcell. Costume Class – “The Hungry Catepillar,” Maizey and Madeline Stone. Musical Chairs – Lizzy and Serah Montminy. Family Class – “The Dachsunds” a joint entry by the Matheson and Mascotte family. Best Rescue and Best In Show, Lizzy and Serah Montminy. (Note: Get your costumes ready for Dog Fest, Sunday, October 29 – this year bigger and better at Ix Art Park!)


Flowers, weeds, grasses, leaves… and that yellow pollen is in the air. Your pet may already be showing signs of discomfort, including scratching, itching, inflammation, red skin, teary eyes… and we’re here to help! We strongly recommend feeding a raw or gently cooked diet of whitefish or pork and dark, leafy green vegetables to support the immune system during this season. These cooling proteins and vegetables lower the “heat’ in the body, reduces the inflammation, and strengthens the immune system. For more relief, pair our Spring diet selections with our Quercetin supplements — noted holistic experts (like blogger, Rodney Habib) call quercetin “nature’s Benedryl.” It has anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties designed for quick relief. It’s easy to give your pet in a tablet or soft chew and it does the trick. So fear the great outdoors no more! We’re here to help!


With the warmer temps come all the insect critters. We’re fully stocked with shampoos, sprays, diatomaceous earth, essential oils, herbal collars and monthly spot-ons that are safe for your dog and for your family, and made in the USA! From noted holistic vet, Dr. Peter Dobias DVM, here are “Eight Steps To Choosing A Safe Flea Product For Your Dog” (for the full blog article, please visit for this and other great information)

  1. Choose a topical product over oral treatment
  2. Choose a residual wash or and spray product used together over a highly concentrated spot treatment that absorbs and stays in the body for a month
  3. Choose a natural product over chemical ones
  4. Read reviews of other dog lovers before you purchase a new product
  5. Pick a product that is not preserved with artificial chemicals
  6. Go with brands not manufactured in China to avoid poor quality or tainted ingredients
  7. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website to see if there are any reports of fatalities related to the product. If there are reported fatalities, do not risk your dog’s life by using such product.
  8. Go for a product that is guaranteed to work so you do not waste your money and can help your dog promptly.             (and we’ll add 9.) If the product says “use gloves to apply” you can bet you won’t want it around your children or on your pet. So, come see us for better choices that really work!


Nothing’s more fun than giving your friends and family a gift for their pets! Beautiful hand-painted ornaments in a wide range of breeds. Our own decorated holiday treats perfect for stuffing their stockings. All sorts of toys for big and small dogs. Crazy catnip fun for cats. Warm bedding, “cozy caves”, Buddha bags and crate mats in fun colors and soft fabrics. Stylish apparel, from collars to sweaters to cold weather coats. “Grab and Go” Good Dog Buckets, filled with treats, toys and surprises. Can’t decide? A gift certificate is always welcome. If you need suggestions, please call us! We’ve got our elf ears on and glad to help!


That cold weather is coming soon and our smaller, local pet adoption groups could sure use some winter warmers for the dogs. Now through December 31, when you buy any coat or sweater to be donated to a rescue dog, you’ll receive both 20% OFF on that item plus 20% OFF on one for your own dog. We’ll deliver them to your choice of Caring For Creatures, Peaceful Passings, Animal Connections or Green Dogs Rescue.


Summer’s great for pets – extra play time, fun vacations, lots of attention from the kids. But when school starts, a different family schedule can cause some anxiety, restlessness and neediness.  Even the sense of responsibility a dog has for looking after kids can cause behavior changes, especially if the he’s not sure why his “best friend” has left him at home. To make this adjustment easier, try out your new pet schedule before your kids go back to school. Plan play activities, walks and meals at the time your kids might be either going to or coming home from school. If you’re planning dog day care during the week, take them a few times now to get them oriented. Plan fun activities for the evenings and weekends that include your dogs. Remember, when your kids go away to school, it affects your animals too. We have many products that will help your pets deal with with separation anxiety and sadness from missing the kids.


From our ace groomer, Reba… KEEP EARS CLEAN –  Get rid of bacteria from lakes and streams with our essential oil ear cleaners. DON’T SHAVE DOUBLE COATED BREEDS – the coat keeps them cool and protects them from intense sunlight, we’ll de-shed or thin their coat for you instead. TAKE CARE OF FEET – Keep nails short so they walk on their pads and don’t break their nails. We do nail care on a walk-in basis. Pads need moisturizing during hot weather so come see us for paw products. BRUSH THAT COAT -Brush, de-shed and comb out at least 2-3 times a week so they don’t mat. If they get wet, brush them out right away so they don’t tangle. COME SEE US FOR GROOMING – We offer in-store and mobile service but we fill up quickly so don’t wait to make your appointment for your dog or cat!


Be prepared for summer  with our “tried and true” solutions for thunderstorms. Choose from safe blends of flower essences, herbs, homeopathic remedies or essential oils and you’ll soon see a difference in your pet’s behavior. These remedies are easy to use and resolve such issues as severe anxiety from storms, road or air travel, fear of crowds, fireworks or even a change in home life (kids at home from school, vacationing visitors, etc.). Come see us and find out what will be best for your pets this summer!


Insects are out in full force – are you prepared? Our all-natural, chemical-free products will keep your pets and your family safe! Choose from Wholistic Pet diatomaceous earth, Wondercide sprays (citronella, lavender/rosemary or cedar), Earth Animal herbal shampoos/sprays, Pops Organics product and more. We’ve even got a stock of Young Living Essential Oils should you wish to make your own combinations. And, for those who are looking for easy to use monthly applications, we offer Natural Defense Spot On. Wondercide also makes a great mosquito repellents that are safe to use for your pets and for your family. And for heartworm, we do have several options for internal cleansing to create an environment where they won’t want to live. But if you are in a wetland area, please check with your holistic vet for the best options for prevention.


Take a morning walk with your friends, family and dogs and raise funds for the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA. Then enjoy booths, refreshments, music and fun for all provided by area pet businesses. Register online at or at Lee Park before the event. We’ll be there with lots of healthy treats and yummy goodies for all walkers to take home. And a groovy gift basket you can register to win!