Shorter days mean less visibility – keep your pets safe with our Nite Ize lighted and reflective tags and collars. Hunting season begins soon –  good fitting reflective vests for dogs who run in the woods are a must. Fleas and ticks are still out until the first frost – keep up with their protective sprays. On these cooler mornings, short haired dogs are a chilly – our lightweight fleece sweaters keep them warm! Our colder weather dog wear is here – come in and get your pet fitted for the season!


DOG FEST IS COMING SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29th and moving to IX ART PARK! Get your costumes ready for a pawsome Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest! Booths by your favorite local pet businesses! Great food! Lots of rescue pets! And a special microbrew collaboration from Three Notch’d Brewery! It’s fun for the entire family so make sure it’s on your calendar!


Animal Connnection went right to the business of helping others as soon as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the shores. We have dog trainer friends in the Dallas area who were able to get a large trailer and fill it with things that people and their pets need during this time of extreme crisis. We also sent funds to Florida to purchase food and supplies for dogs and cats in the shelters. We are still accepting donations to help those in need.  If you want to participate, please come by the store. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


We just completed our summer pet food drive for the dogs and cats who reside at Caring For Creatures in Palmyra, Virginia. An unbelievable 4,000 lbs. of kibble was donated by Robert Downey, the owner of Annamaet Pet Foods! WOW! Combine that with 24 lbs. of Cloud Star “Wag More” biscuits, a couple hundred canned foods plus some big bags of cat litter and it was a great effort by our customers and our suppliers. We are honored to be able to use our relationships from our fifteen years in the business to help others in need.


Many pets start getting anxious about thunderstorms hours before they actually happen. Changes in atmospheric pressure, the smell of rain coming in, wind, humidity and that electric feeling happens well in advance of most storms and dogs are extremely sensitive to those changes. We strongly recommend having a flower essence like Rescue Remedy or Green Hope’s Anxiety in their water or in their mouth the minute you hear the morning’s weather forecast for storms, because by the time you’ve heard the thunder yourself, they’ve had plenty of time to get themselves worked up. Some pets get so scared, it’s a good idea to keep it in their water daily to take off the edge. Flower essences are totally safe and you can’t do them wrong. We also have very effective homeopathic remedies and essential oils which we sometimes will use in combination depending on how severe the anxiety presents itself in your pet. So if your dog is acting like a scardey cat, better come see us and we’ll select just the right thing to help your pet!

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you noticed your dogs eating grass lately? Eating grass is a fairly common behavior for dogs, but the truth is that no one knows exactly why dogs eat grass. However, there are some pretty strong hypotheses out there about what causes this strange behavior.

Top Four Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

Here are four well-accepted explanations for why you may see dogs and puppies eating grass.

Natural Instinct

As we domesticated dogs, we changed their eating habits and their diets. The food that we feed our dogs today is pretty different from what they would eat in the wild. Dogs are actually omnivores and scavengers, meaning that they are willing to eat all sorts of different foods.

It’s possible that dogs eating grass are just following their natural instinct to scavenge. Wild dogs today will eat vegetation including fruits and grass, so our domesticated dogs may eat grass to satisfy the same natural instinct.

Stomach Upset

Dogs may have an alternative motive to eating grass: Soothing an upset stomach. The grass is tickly, and it can make a dog throw up. Dogs who eat grass may be attempting to relieve an upset or gassy stomach. While the end result isn’t at all fun for us to clean up, it’s possible that our dogs know what their bodies need and are eating grass as a way to make themselves feel better.


Grass eating in dogs can be a sign of anxiety. This behavior can be compulsive, and if a dog gets worked up or upset, he may turn to eating grass to help soothe his nerves. If you notice that your dog is highly anxious or upset when he eats grass, it is likely that anxiety is at the root of his grass eating, rather than one of the other possible causes.

If you suspect that your dog is eating grass because of anxiety, there are a number of ways that you can help to treat the anxiety. Consult with your vet about holistic treatments that may help your dog. It may take some time to pinpoint the source of your dog’s anxiety, but taking the time to get to the root of the issue can allow you to better help your dog.


It’s also possible that some dogs just like grass. Dogs may like the taste or texture of grass. Even if grass may make dogs vomit, it’s possible that dogs enjoy eating it so much that the end effect isn’t enough to convince them to stop. Some dogs may just see grass as a special, delicious treat.

The Best Grass for Dogs to Eat

Now that we’ve established that it’s pretty common for dogs to eat grass, let’s talk about how to keep your dog safe when he decides to chow down on the lawn. The best grass for dogs to eat is grass that has not been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Never let your dog eat grass when you’re out at the park or in an unfamiliar place since you don’t know how the grass has been maintained.

You may want to create a safe patch of grass just for your dog to eat. Maybe you want to grow a tray of grass within your home, or in your yard so that you know your dog isn’t at risk of ingesting pesticides or other chemicals.

Keep an eye on your dog when he eats grass. This is particularly true for puppies eating grass, since ingesting too much grass or pieces of grass that are too large may cause an intestinal blockage in a puppy.

Grass eating is one of those behaviors that we don’t yet fully understand. If you’re struggling with grass eating in your dog, then our Behavior Consulting or Nutritional Consulting services may be just right for you.


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If you’re lucky enough to spend your work day with your dog, this event is for you! Send in your photos of “what your dog does at work” June 19-23. The winner will be announced Friday, June 23 and will receive a $100 Gift Certificate and a briefcase of goodies to enjoy at your workplace! There will be a special prize for the “dog who looks the most like his person,” too! Entries can be submitted by email (TalkToUs@animalconnectionVA.com) or on our Facebook page.


Do you shop for your family pets at the farmer’s market? We do… and you should too… it’s so easy to make fresh organic meals or food toppers your dogs and cats will just love! Downtown Charlottesville, Meade Park, Crozet, Nelson and Stonefield markets have a great selection of fresh meats and veggies. Get shopping…. then come see us and we’ll show you how to balance your recipes for the perfect pet meals. We also have signed copies of Dr. Judy Morgan DVM’s book “What’s For Dinner Dexter,” a great resource of recipes and holistic pet info you’ll want to know about. Plus lots of yummy dog and kitty treats for sale!


Join us for a neighborhood play date with your dog at CROZET’S NEW OFF LEAD DOG PARK on Sunday, June 25th from 2-4. Your dogs will enjoy amazing treats and play with some very fun toys. Plus there will be refreshments while you’re mingling with old and new friends. We’ll have tables of info from Animal Connection, Animal Wellness Center, Countryside Grooming and local dog walkers, pet sitters and other services you’ll want to know about. Weather related decisions will be posted on our Facebook page by 1:00 pm if thunderstorms are in the forecast. Other Yappy Hours are currently scheduled for August and September (not July, too hot for the dogs). Dates and times will be advertised in the Crozet Gazette, on our Facebook and on this web page. Hope to see ya’ll there!