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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you noticed your dogs eating grass lately? Eating grass is a fairly common behavior for dogs, but the truth is that no one knows exactly why dogs eat grass. However, there are some pretty strong hypotheses out there about what causes this strange behavior. Top Four Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass Here are four […]

Natural Treatments for Vestibular Syndrome in Dogs

Old age ain’t for sissies, and that’s as true for dogs as it is for people. Elderly –and sometimes middle-aged – dogs may develop vestibular syndrome, which also goes by the name “old dog vestibular syndrome.” Another term is “canine idiopathic vestibular syndrome,” with idiopathic meaning “of unknown origin.” Although symptoms of vestibular syndrome are […]

Adapting Your Dog’s Diet to Fight Fall Allergies

Autumn is allergy season for humans and canines alike. Because we’ve had so little rain this season, allergy-prone dogs are suffering more than ever. There are ways to help fight your dog’s allergies, and some of them consist of dietary changes and supplementation. Inhalant Allergies In fall, leaves drop from trees and plants start dying […]

Neoplasene: Safe or Dangerous for Your Dog?

A canine cancer diagnosis is devastating. If your dog has cancer, you want to do everything possible to help him. Neoplasene, a treatment derived from bloodroot, may help with some cancers. Even though it is a natural substance, it does hold potential dangers. If you decide to go this route, it is imperative that you […]

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Naturally

The majority of dogs suffer from some type of dental disease, and signs of dental issues are apparent as early as age 3. It is not natural for dogs to have plaque and tartar on their teeth, and it doesn’t happen to their wild carnivore cousins. This buildup, which leads to dental and periodontal problems, […]

Natural Treatment for Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

It’s not unusual for aging canines to develop the endocrine condition known as Cushing’s disease.  Formally known as hyperadrenocorticism, Cushing’s disease generally results from a benign tumor on the pituitary gland. This gland “rules” the endocrine system and produces various hormones, and the growth causes it to overproduce adrenocorticotropic hormone, or ACTH. In about 20 […]

How Homeopathy Can Help Older Dogs

There’s only one thing wrong with dogs. They don’t live long enough. It’s hard to see your best friend struggle with the physical and mental debilities that accompany aging. Veterinarians have powerful medications available for treating ailments common in senior canines. These drugs often have just as powerful side effects.   The basic principle of homeopathy […]

The Perfect Ingredients for a Natural Flea Repellent

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and that means … prime flea season. OK, it also means a lot more pleasant things, but if you have dogs and cats, it’s the time of year for flea control. You can purchase effective flea control products over-the-counter or from your vet, but many […]

Natural Heartworm Prevention

It’s important to protect your dog against potentially deadly heartworm infestation. Conventional prevention generally involves using a powerful dewormer or other medications available only by prescription to kill microfilaria – baby heartworms – in the animal’s bloodstream. These drugs have potential side effects. However, there are alternative, natural ways to prevent heartworm disease, recommended by […]